Discover Dependable Wildlife Solutions in Shrewsbury, MA

In Shrewsbury, MA, residents frequently grapple with the challenges posed by unwelcome wildlife. These creatures can bring damage to properties and spread potential diseases. So, what’s the solution? Look no further than Matts Wildlife Solutions. Based in Monson, we are your local experts in wildlife solutions, dedicated to serving our area.

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Tackling Wildlife Issues Head-On

Beyond the common sight of a raccoon or a squirrel in trash bins, Shrewsbury homes face more pressing concerns. Rodent control is imperative, especially when rats or mice infiltrate homes, posing health risks. Dealing with injured wildlife removal calls for a specialized approach, ensuring the well-being of both animals and residents. Moreover, animal proofing is a proactive measure to thwart future invasions, while holistic wildlife control ensures a balanced coexistence with nature.

Matts Wildlife Solutions stands out with over 6 years of specialized experience. More than just a wildlife removal service, we prioritize building relationships with our clients, offering them customized solutions. We design our wildlife solutions around the unique requirements of each situation, so you invest only in what’s truly needed. For all your concerns in Shrewsbury, MA, be it rodent control or animal proofing, we are readily available to bring back tranquility to your home.


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Wildlife in Worcester can disrupt our peace. With over 6 years of experience, Matts Wildlife Solutions offers expert rodent control, animal proofing, and more.

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