About Us

At Matts Wildlife Solutions, our mission is to excel in delivering exceptional services in Monson, MA, and Worcester County. With a dedicated focus on wildlife removal and rehabilitation, we assist these communities in addressing their issues with squirrels, raccoons, mice, and other animals. Founded in 2022 by an expert with over 6 years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering prompt, quality service that goes beyond just getting the job done. Our commitment to customer satisfaction includes making genuine connections and ensuring our clients feel comfortable throughout the process. We offer a range of services, including wildlife removal, rodent control, animal proofing, wildlife control, and wildlife rehabilitation, tailored to both residential and commercial properties.

a man holding a thumbs up next to his recent work
a racoon spotted going inside the roof hole

Work With Us!

Don’t let unwanted intruders and wildlife disrupt your peace of mind. Contact Matts Wildlife Solutions today at (508) 963-4828 for prompt, reliable, and compassionate service in Monson, MA.

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