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Our goal at Matts Wildlife Solutions is to provide the best possible services to the communities of Leominster, MA. We specialize in the removal and rehabilitation of wildlife, helping locals deal with problems caused by squirrels, raccoons, mice, and other animals. Established in 2022 by a professional with more than 6 years of expertise, we take great satisfaction in providing timely, high-quality service that goes above and beyond simple task completion.

Making sincere connections and seeing to it that our clients are at ease at every stage is part of our dedication to achieving customer satisfaction. For both residential and commercial premises, we provide a variety of services such as wildlife removal, rodent management, animal proofing, wildlife control, and wildlife rehabilitation.

Are unwanted critters causing chaos in your Leominster, MA, home? Matts Wildlife Solutions has the expertise and experience to provide effective wildlife solutions that keep your property safe and secure. From wildlife removal to rodent control and preventative measures, we offer a range of services to address your wildlife-related concerns.

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It’s critical to remove wildlife from your property as soon as possible to stop damage and protect your family. Matts Wildlife Solutions is an expert in employing humane wildlife removal methods to get rid of unwanted visitors without harming them. We take care and compassion while handling a range of wildlife removal difficulties, from birds and squirrels to raccoons and bats.

Keep rodents out of your house. In-depth rodent control services are provided by Matts Wildlife Solutions to get rid of rats, mice, and other bothersome pests from your home. Our crew uses efficient exclusion and trapping techniques to keep rodents out of your house and stop them from coming back.

To permanently keep wildlife out of your property, prevention is essential. In order to locate and seal potential points of entry that wildlife may utilize to access your property, Matts Wildlife Solutions provides preventative seal-up services. Through the repair of susceptible places like vents, siding gaps, and chimney caps, we assist in strengthening your home’s defenses against intruders.

It’s critical to take immediate action if bats have established a home in your crawl space or attic. Bat eviction methods that safely and successfully remove bats from your property while adhering to wildlife regulations are Matt’s Wildlife Solutions’ area of expertise. You may rely on us to manage bat infestations with skill and professionalism.

It might be upsetting to come across injured or sick wildlife on your property. In order to securely transfer injured or injured wildlife to suitable care facilities, Matts Wildlife Solutions provides kind wildlife removal services. Our staff ensures the welfare of our clients as well as the wildlife by handling every scenario with tact and consideration.

Effective wildlife solutions are essential for preserving the balance between people and animals in a community like Leominster, MA, which is surrounded by natural beauty and habitats for wildlife. Matts Wildlife Solutions offers specialized solutions that safeguard both property and wildlife because it recognizes the special issues that wildlife in urban settings provides.

Put an end to the wildlife’s destructive behavior on your land. Call (508) 963-4828 to speak with Matts Wildlife Solutions about scheduling a consultation or requesting emergency wildlife removal services. Allow us to assist you in taking back your house so you can live in comfort knowing that trespassers won’t damage it.


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Wildlife can sometimes disturb our tranquility. Matts Wildlife Solutions has been providing professional rat control, animal proofing, and other services for over 6 years.

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