Humane Bat Eviction for a Safe Home

Matts Wildlife Solutions provides professional and humane bat eviction services in Monson, MA, and Worcester County, ensuring both your safety and the well-being of the bats. Our time-sensitive and careful approach guarantees effective results.

Wildlife Control for Bat Eviction in Monson, MA and Worcester County

Bats are a protected species, and our wildlife control services in Monson, MA, and Worcester County, adhere to strict regulations while providing humane bat eviction. We operate during specific times of the year (May 1st-31st and August 1st-October 15th) to safeguard the bats’ welfare and ensure your home is bat-free.

a serotine bat on a tree

Comprehensive Bat Inspection and Eviction

  • Detailed inspection to identify entry and exit points
  • Use of one-way door valves for humane eviction
  • Sealing off the structure to prevent re-entry

Our wildlife control methods prioritize the safety of both homeowners and bats in the area.

Why Choose Our Wildlife Control Services?

At Matts Wildlife Solutions, we are dedicated to providing quality wildlife control services in Monson, MA, and Worcester County. Our focus on customer satisfaction and ethical practices sets us apart from competitors, ensuring your home is protected without causing harm to the animals.

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